We follow a Highly Optimized Development Process

Timelines are tight, Requirements need High Expertise and the product needs to be Solid. So at Telzee we created a strong optimized development process to meet these high demands

Initial Meeting with one of experts

One of our experts will meet with you to introduce ourselves, our services and our past projects. You will need to describe your requirements and prefered deadline for the project.

Proposal and Contract Signature

Our team will prepare a proposal breaking down the project into sprints. Proposal will contain high level functionalities and detailed description in a seperate section. It will also contain the timeline and the cost of each milestone. If both parties agree, proposal will be signed and referred as the scope of work

Sprint Planning Meeting

Before the start of each sprint our team will plan the sprint and agree with you on the work to be completed at the end of each sprint. Dedicated team and a project manager will be assigned

Sprint Development

Team allocated to the sprint will develop and our test engineer will work along side to make sure the tasks completed meet the requirements. Team will hold daily standup meetings to keep everyone updated making sure the team is working towards deadline achievement

Sprint Demo

Our team will demo what was achieved during the sprint to your product manager at the end of the sprint. Changes will be deployed to dev environment and showcase during the meeting. If any backend or non visual changes have been done team will present them via small presentation.

Retrospective Meeting

After Sprint demo an internal retrospective meeting would be taken to discuss how the team performed during the sprint and what coud be done to improve the results on next sprint

Deployment to your servers

After completing a milestone our team will push the code to your repository. Either a technical team from your end can perform the deployment to your servers or we can handle that for you.

Support and Maintenance

We can handover everything to your technical team for them to maintain or you can agree with a support plan with our team to maintain the system and provide technical support when needed.

Scaling the system

If the traffic starts to increase the system needs to scale accordingly and be highly available as well. Our devOps can handle the scalability of the system to meet the required demand.

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