Jitsi Videobridge AutoScale
Supun Madusanka
May 01, 2020
1 min

Jitsi VideoBridge AutoScaling

Jitsi videobridge is the media server that is developed by the jitsi team. The main key limited resource of the instance is the network bandwidth. If the number of streams increases, network bandwidth usage will increase. When we design a system we have to set up necessary resources for the system to carry on quality conferences. Say if we need c5 xlarge 5 instances to handle our conference during peak time but We might need only one c5 xlarge instance to handle conference rest of the time. In this scenario our instances are under utilized if we have 5 servers running all the time to meet the peak demand. So we recommend auto scaling of servers to avoid this. Please find below the procedure you should follow in autoscaling the jitsi videobridge.

Flow of JVB AS In AWS

  1. Create an auto scaling group
  2. Create instance terminate lifecycle hook under the auto scaling group
  3. Configure lifecycle hook to notify notification to sqs.
  4. Choose the jvb instance which should be shut down using message of sqs
  5. Run gracefull_shutdown script in jvb
  6. Continue lifecycle hook after grace_full_shutdown

This is the high level overview of how autoscaling should be configured. For more details contact us through support@telzee.io



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